Fast, accurate measurement: DS7000 series digital density meters from KRUESS Optronic


Developed in cooperation with industry, KRUESS digital density meters offer accuracy, speed and ease of integration into the manufacturing process. They have stood the test of time in numerous companies and different sectors providing quality control in the laboratory, as well as on the production line.

Using the oscillating u-tube method, they are robust, compact and yet precise and suitable for nearly all liquids, emulsions and pastes thanks to the chemical-resistant construction using borosilicate glass and PTFE where areas are in contact with the sample.

Available in two versions DS7700 and DS7800 - the only difference lies in the measuring accuracy and the type of drying unit, all other characteristics are identical.

Both feature a self-explanatory, simple to use interface - making it easy for even non-expert personnel to operate. A clear, easily readable TFT display and an integrated touch-screen completes the comfortable user experience.


  • The DS7000 series is perfect for a wide range of applications including:
  • Drinks industry: Beer, flavourings, fruit juice, syrups, sugar, soft drinks, spirits, milk drinks
  • Chemical industry: Acids, alkalis, salts, solvents, goods inward and final inspections, inspections of raw ingredients, monitoring of mixing ratios
  • Food industry: Jams, preserves, honey, glucose or fructose syrups, jelly, mustard, ketchup, sauces, soups, convenience products, mayonnaise, ice cream, baby food, confectionery production, milk products
  • Automotive industry: Oils, lubricants, battery acid, antifreeze
  • Metalworking: Cooling lubricants and their emulsion solutions with water
  • Petrochemicals: Oils, lubricants, quality control of fuels and additives
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: Creams, ointments, pastes, emulsions, lotions, beauty products, perfumes, aromas, solvents, cleaners, shampoos, soaps, infusion solutions, urine, quality control of liquid medications and agents
  • Wine-growing: Grape juice, cider, wine, champagne, liqueur
  • Sugar industry: % Brix, purity of sugar and the products from which it is derived, syrup concentrations

To find out more visit our DS7000 series digital density meters from KRUESS Optronic page where you can watch the video or download a full specification sheet.

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