New Product - KRUESS MAT1500 Modified Atmosphere Tester for Food Packaging

New Product - KRUESS MAT1500 Modified Atmosphere Tester for Food Packaging

To ensure first-class product quality over long periods of time the goal of all food producers is the preservation of taste, colour and freshness of food, this is obtained through modified atmosphere packaging. An advantage of reducing oxygen is that it inhibits the growth of aerobic micro-organisms and the speed of oxidation reactions.

The removed oxygen can be replaced with nitrogen (N2), commonly acknowledged as an inert gas, or carbon dioxide (CO2), which can lower the pH or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Carbon monoxide can be used for preserving the red colour of meat.

The KRUESS MAT1500 Modified Atmosphere Tester is used for quality control in the laboratory, in the production sector as well as in the bottling or packaging of perishable foods. In addition to sample checking, the device can also be used to continuously monitor the gas mixture of packaging machines.

Key Features of the MAT1500:

  • Easy to use - even for untrained personnel, operated intuitively via touchscreen
  • Drift-free and calibration-free oxygen sensor (ZrO²)
  • Low-drift carbon dioxide sensor (NDIR)
  • Low sample volume required Short measurement time
  • Simple menu-driven adjustment
  • Compact design in aluminium housing
  • Built-in air pressure sensor
  • Integrated monitoring of flow
  • Interface package (USB, LAN, RS-232) for convenient transfer of measured values
  • Up to 100 measurement methods for flexible monitoring of the measurement process by method, batch, product and/or production line including threshold monitoring
  • User administration (optional password protection with different sensors) 
  • Storage of measured values (the last 999 measurements) with various, flexible filter functions
  • Selectable measuring modes (minimum or maximum value) detection, single or permanent measuring)

For more information please visit our product catalogue at: KRUESS MAT1500

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