Smarter Sulphur Analysis

Smarter Sulphur Analysis

We are delighted to announce that we have recently added the XOS Sindie+Cl to our range of products. This Benchtop MWD XRF Analyzer offers easy operation, rapid results, compliance flexibility, accuracy, and precision. Sindie benchtops are the ideal solution for trace sulfur analysis from ultra-low sulfur diesel and gasoline, to heavy fuel oil and crude - perfect for the petrochemical industry, or indeed any situation where hassle-free sulphur detection is required.

Key Features

  • Total sulfur analysis from ultra low sulfur fuels to crudes
  • Total chlorine analysis from aqueous solutions and aromatic products to heavy fuels, crudes, and catalyst
  • For use in refinery labs, pipeline terminals, additive plants and inspection laboratories
  • Complies with ASTM D2622, D7039, D7536, and SH / T 0842.

To find out more visit our XOS Sindie+Cl page where you can watch the video or download a full specification sheet.

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