Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions

Da Vinci logo longDa Vinci Laboratory Solutions DVLS based in the Netherland have developed the Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI) in close cooperation with Shell Global Solutions a safe, fast and accurate GC method for the complex analysis of oily residues and contaminants in C3 and C4 streams. This method was introduced in 2010 and has now been approved as ASTM D7756-13 and PrEN 16423 for the oily residues analysis in LPG by GC.

DVLS have also released a smart hydrogen sensor the DVLS3 for laboratories using hydrogen as a carrier gas and require a reliable safe way to detect hydrogen leaks during GC analysis. Hydrogen is considered the best carrier for GC systems as it provides for fast analysis, high efficiency, reduced costs and prolonged column life. The advantages of hydrogen are clear, but it does have one huge disadvantage! Hydrogen is an explosive gas and an undetected leak can occur with a broken column or a leaking connection which unfortunately can result in an explosion in a GC placing laboratories and their personnel at risk, with the DVLS3 multi-sensor you now have a safe technique to detect a hydrogen leak in GC Laboratories. Visit the DVLS website at: Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions 

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