VUV Analytics manufacturer of universal vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopic detectors for GC.

VUV Spectroscopy - Science in a new light

VUV AnalyticsVUV Logo web’ vision is to enable new science and better processes by harnessing the unique capabilities of VUV technology. VUV Analytics manufactures universal vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopic detectors that provide a new dimension of chemical analysis accuracy. VUV light creates unique spectral signatures in the gas phase that result in unambiguous compound identification and quantitative analysis across a wide spectrum of complex applications. Unlike legacy GC detectors, VUV detection delivers scalable data analysis automation with reduced analytical error and higher analytical throughput.

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What makes VUV detection different 

Virtually everything absorbs in the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum (120 – 240 nm) measured by VUV detectors. The high energy, short wavelength VUV light induces electronic transitions in most chemical bonds in the gas phase including ground state to excited state σ→ σ* and π→ π*. VUV spectra are specific to chemical structure and reflect the inherent absorbance cross section of individual compounds. VUV detectors provide unmatched selectivity of isomers and co-eluting analytes without the need for chromatographic baseline resolution. VUV detectors are designed for gas chromatography and streaming gas applications.

How does VUV Spectrocopy benefit you? 

  • Superior analyte identification and quantitative analysis accuracy 
  • Universal detection that solves common GC separation problems
  • R&D level chemical analysis that is scalable to production for routine analysis
  • Universal detector with unmatched selectivity
  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Shorter GC run times
  • Deconvolve co-eluting peaks


For more information please visit our products catalogue at: VUV Analytics Vacuum Ultraviolet Detectors

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