GasMix™ by AlyTech on-site gas and liquid mixing and diluting devices for multi-point calibration and many other applications.

 AlyTech logo Gasmix™ - Gas Dilution, Mixing & Calibration Device

Designed and developed by AlyTech, GasMix™ is your perfect companion to set up on site multipoint gas calibration standards. The principle is based on the mixing, diluting and injecting of two to four gas standards. No expensive standard cartridges. GasMix™ may be used for a wide variety of applications, with many instruments. The number of standard gas cylinders to be stored is reduced. Added standard method and internal calibration are from now on possible with gases. More than just a simple gas standard preparation device, GasMix™ will prepare and automatically inject gases in virtually all kind of analytical instruments. GasMix™ can also handle unknown samples.

Thanks to its dedicated software, GasMix™ operates on its own from a single injection to a fully automated and pre-programmed sequence. GasMix™ can remotely control an external injection valve and the start of an analyzer. The user bench time is drastically reduced, the operator will master within minutes the friendly using software. Its logical design allows an easy preparation of the job, from a single injection up to a full automated sequence.

The built in audit trail function ensures total traceability of the operations carried out. Regular automatic sequences may be saved and recalled at any time. linearity, accuracy and repeatability will guarantee the success of your analyses and help you build confidence.

GasMix DeviceGasMix™ is ideal for:

  • Gas chromatography (added standard method and internal calibration)
  • Gas analyzers, eg NGA,RGA
  • Analysis of sulphur traces
  • Soft drinks industry & breweries quality control
  • Gas spectroscopy
  • On-line gas analyzers calibration
  • Specialty gases & electronic industries
  • Refinery gas blending

For more information please visit our products catalogue at: AlyTech Gas and Liquid Standard Preparation

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