You can now carry out chromatographic separations, which need an initial GC oven start temperature between 0 °C and 30 °C, simply and comfortably with the SIM ICE-DOOR.

SIM ICE-DOOR and Multi Cooling Device SIM Logo web

The cooling of the GC oven is achieved with a compressor cooler, so you no longer need liquid N2 or liquid CO2 which also eliminates handling and the various safety aspects which must be taken into account when using cryogenic liquids.

The maintenance-free ICE-DOOR consists of a cooling element which is inside the door of the GC oven, as well as the SIM multi cooling device with a compressor cooler, temperatures to 0°C can be reached in the oven. This is important for special applications such as gas or volatiles analysis because chromatographic resolution can be improved using these lower initial temperatures. The SIM ICE-DOOR is available for Agilent 6890, 7890 and Shimadzu 2010 GC's other GC manufacturers will be added in the future. The cooling can be integrated into existing GC systems since only the GC oven door is modified.

Features of the SIM ICE-DOOR:SIM ICE DOOR on Agilent 7890 GC

  • Cooling element is placed at the inside of the oven door
  • Fast cooling down of the GC oven together with SIM Multi Cooling Device
  • Shorter cyle times, higher throughput
  • Gas analysis at low temperatures cooling down to 0 °C without the coolants LN2, LCO2
  • Closed system, maintenance free

Cool-Cube Multi Cooling Device:

  • Compressor cooling for all temperature controlled GC inlets, Agilent G4514A autosampler tray, SIM CryoTrap and SIM ICE-DOOR
  • Agilent-PTV, -MMI down to 0 °C SIM-Multimode down to - 20 °C (at oven temperature < 55 °C)
  • Fast and convenient without the coolants LN2, LCO2
  • Energy-saving due to discontinuous cooling
  • Maintenance free

For more information please visit our products catalogue at: SIM ICE-DOOR

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