PAC SeNse Sulphur/Nitrogen Selective GC Detector

PAC SeNse Sulphur/Nitrogen Selective GC Detector

Category: PAC AC Analytical Controls - Gas Chromatography Solutions
Manufacturer: AC Analytical Controls by PAC
Created by: Keith Gosden

Ease of Use

  • Easy to use on-screen User Interface
  • Independent of Chromatography Data System & instrument
  • Automated vacuum leak check
  • Use of synthetic air improves stability and reduces oxygen related risks! (Sulfur mode only)
  • Universal mounting on any leading GC brand(s)

Best in Market, Performance for High ROI

  • Best in market stability, sensitivity, and equimolarity
  • Constant pressure point in detector base ensures baseline stability
  • Enhanced furnace temperature control improves temperature accuracy and reduces downtime
  • New patented probe design improves catalyst capacity and stability of baseline

Full Compliancy 

  • Complies to all SCD standardized methods:
  • ASTM D5504
  • ASTM D5623
  • ASTM D7011
  • ASTM D7807
  • UOP 791

Analysis and Performance

With Sulfur/Nitrogen species known for their detrimental effects on catalysts in refining processes even at the lowest levels, the need for a constant monitoring of these species throughout the complete process is quite evident. This task mandates solutions that are not only fast and sensitive, but above all very robust in time, so they can just do what they were designed for: produce the correct value.

SeNse Chemiluminescence detector for gas chromatography provides all these arguments. With a Sensitivity of 0.3 pgS/sec (when using Air as oxydizer), true equimolarity, 4 orders of magnitude, 5.0E+7 in selectivity, combined with an unrivaled stability over time, SeNse clearly is the market leading technology for sulfur/nitrogen detection.

SeNse’s new ceramics, its Constant Detector Base pressure system, redesigned electronics and furnace the system has already proven to be extremely stable, providing more reliable data over time. SeNse uses air instead of oxygen! Air is clearly more economical, but also more readily available, and definitely safer in the lab.

For more information and full technical specifications please download our product brochure or visit the PAC website

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography


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