VGA-101 Vacuum Ultraviolet Detector for GC

Category: VUV Analytics - Vacuum Ultraviolet GC Detectors
Manufacturer: VUV Analytics
Created by: Keith Gosden


VUV Analytics has extended the usefulness of absorption spectroscopy into the powerful Vacuum Ultraviolet region where most gas phase molecules absorb strongly and uniquely. This high energy, low wavelength energy produces electronic transitions in virtually all chemical bonds including ground state to excited state σ→ σ* and π→ π*. VUV spectroscopy has been made available to the general scientific community for the first time ever with the VGA-101 detector.

How would the VGA-101 benefit you: 

  • Unmatched compound selectivity including isomers
  • Easy deconvolution of co-eluting analytes
  • First principle detection that eliminates the need for continuous calibration
  • Consistently low picogram compound sensitivity
  • Robust system performance with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Can be interfaced with any manufacturers gas chromatograph and chromatography data system 

For a detailed description and technical specifications download the VGA-101 product brochure, data sheet and application notes below or visit the VUV website where you will find a lot of further information: VUV Analytics - VGA-101

Industries Pharma & Life Science, Chemical & Petrochemical, Security & Defence, Food & Beverage, Forensics, Environmental, Flavours & Fragrances
Techniques Gas Chromatography, Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy



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