VUV PIONA+ Analyzer

Category: VUV Analytics - Vacuum Ultraviolet GC Detectors
Manufacturer: VUV Analytics
Created by: Keith Gosden


System description:

The VUV PIONA+ Analyzer is a VGA-100 Gas Chromatography (GC) detector configured for PIONA compound analysis by the VUV PIONA+ method. The VUV PIONA+ method uses relatively simple instrumentation: a gas chromatograph, a standard 30m nonpolar column, and a VGA-100 detector. It is suitable for use with finished gasoline, reformate, reformer feed, FCC, light naphtha, and heavy naphtha samples. VUV PIONA+ utilizes a software engine called VUV AnalyzeTM that provides automated compositional analysis. Bulk concentrations of the hydrocarbon classes of paraffins, isoparaffins, olefins, naphthenes, and aromatics (PIONA) are determined using the VUV AnalyzeTM software package included with the VUV PIONA+ Analyzer. Specific analytes can also be singled out for further characterization, such as individual oxygenates or aromatics belonging to the BTEX complex. VUV PIONA+ is fully compliant with ASTM Method D8071 for finished gasoline samples by GC-VUV.

The VUV PIONA+ Analyzer includes a VGA-100 GC detector, VUV AnalyzeTM automated compositional software configured for PIONA analysis, and a gasoline component VUV spectral library. The VUV AnalyzeTM software package features pre-configuration of the VUV gasoline library, PIONA compound response factors, and PIONA compound retention indices. The result is automated PIONA compositional analysis that provides carbon number and mass % while taking <1 min to perform post-run processing.

The VUV PIONA+ product solution enables a straight-forward method setup procedure, with no pre-column tuning or valve timing adjustments. Additionally, analyses that use VUV PIONA+ are faster than legacy methods using alternative technology given that VUV AnalyzeTM can handle co-elution among various species and hydrocarbon classes. PIONA compounds can be speciated through C6, and PIONA compound classes are characterized >C6. Typical method conditions are detailed below, but column and gas chromatograph vendors may vary. VUV detectors work with any gas chromatograph
and do not require use of an applicated GC.

For a detailed description and technical specifications please download the VUV PIONA+ analyzer technical summary and application note below or visit the VUV website where you will find a lot of further information: VUV Analytics PIONA+ analyzer technical summary

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography, Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy


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