AC Analytical Controls by PAC 7890 FAME Traces in Aviation Turbine Fuel

AC Analytical Controls by PAC 7890 FAME Traces in Aviation Turbine Fuel

Category: PAC AC Analytical Controls - Gas Chromatography Solutions
Manufacturer: AC Analytical Controls by PAC
Created by: Keith Gosden

AC developed a unique and robust GC application that does not require a highly educated chemist to operate the system. The analyzer is specifically designed so that it can be used for routine analysis by refineries, distribution/pipeline companies, independent labs, airline companies, military, or any other party for the measurement of FAME (biodiesel) in jet fuel.

Features and Benefits

  • Low investment cost
  • No sample preparation required
  • Unique combination of Deans switching and re-focusing with the advantages of gas chromatography
  • Broad concentration range FAME
  • Handles wide range aviation turbine (AVTUR) fuels (e.g. diesel contaminated)
  • Excellent detectability, stability and repeatability
  • Excellent separation and detection limits due to unique re-focus module
  • No cryogenics for cold trap required (air only)
  • Oven exhaust deflector
  • Ease of Use
    • Easy calibration (linear system)
    • Low maintenance requirements, no fragile parts
    • Factory tuned for the methods specified
    • Guaranteed solution, includes one year hardware and application warranty
    • A global network of AC certified support engineers commissions the system on-site in two days
    • Includes free helpdesk assistance to any hardware or software related questions
    • Optional on-line remote support by LAN connection available

For more information and full technical specifications please download our product brochure or visit the AC/PAC website

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography


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