DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector (ASTM D7756-13 & EN 16423)

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Created by: Keith Gosden

To control the residue content in LPG there are several methods available. The conventional methods (ASTM D2158, EN 15470 & EN 15471 and ISO 13757) are not direct injection GC based and require evaporation of large volumes of the liquid sample. Alternative methods are ASTM D7756-13 and EN 16423: fast, safe and accurate methods to determine oily residues in LPG by gas chromatography with the DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI).

High Pressure Liquid Sampling

The LGI incorporates a direct, on-column LPG injection through an innovative large volume high pressure liquid sampling technique developed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS).

The direct injection approach of the LGI includes the proven fuel direct injection technique used by the automotive industry to inject fuel into the automotive engine combustion chamber. The LGI is configured on top of the GC and consists of a high pressure injection valve connected to an injection needle.The LGI pressure station and the GC enable a constant pressure of the liquid sample and allow to inject a representative and repeatable amount of the sample.The sample container is installed on the front side of the pressure station and pressurized to 25 bar. The waste sample is vented to a central waste system. The controller box on top of the GC drives the injection cycling.

Liquefied Gas Injector benefits

  • GC alternative for the labour intensive ASTM D2158, EN 15470, EN 15471 & ISO 13757 methods
  • Approved as ASTM D7756-13 and EN 16423
  • High pressure large volume injection
  • Safe and efficient design
  • Proven technology for high pressure injection
  • Fast analysis time of < 30 minutes
  • Detection limits of <1 mg/kg for individual components in liquefied gases
  • Flexible sample size, micro-second range up to 250 mS (large volume)
  • Oily residue analysis range of 10 - 600 mg/kg

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