PAC AC Analytical Controls Reformulyzer M4

Category: PAC AC Analytical Controls - Gas Chromatography Solutions
Manufacturer: AC Analytical Controls by PAC
Created by: Keith Gosden


Excellent Performance for High Return on Investment

Increases Profits with Fast and Accurate Analysis

  • Analysis results in 39 minutes for fast decision-making on product specification
  • Robust design reduces operational cost per sample
  • Excellent precision and accuracy contribute to higher profitability
  • Extensive analysis scope from one single instrument

Maximum Instrument Uptime

Robust and Intelligent design contributes to Maximum Instrument Availability

  • Excellent olefin trap robustness for superior trap lifetime
  • Nitrogen carrier saves cost and avoids helium supply chain risks
  • Diagnostic Tool™ and certified AC quality control samples for system performance verification

Improved Ease Of Use and More Flexibility

Meets Today's Industry Needs

  • Standard olefin method covers entire concentration up to 75%
  • User-friendly design allows easy preventive maintenance by operator
  • Intuitive Reformulyzer software includes extensive range of methods and pre-programmed modes
  • Unique Reformulyzer User Group with interlaboratory comparison contributes to high confidence level and a strong QC program

Proven Compliancy

M4 is the worldwide leading standard EN ISO 22854 & ASTM D6839

  • Fully compliant with leading standard test methods ASTM D6839, EN ISO 22854, ASTM D5443, IP 566, SH/T 0741, GB/T 28768-2012
  • EN 228 includes the EN ISO 22854 (Multidimensional GC, Reformulyzer) as Referee Method for Hydrocarbon content (Olefins & Aromatics), Benzene, Oxygenates and Oxygen content. Reformulyzer replaced EN15553 (FIA) for Hydrocarbon content and EN1601 for Oxygenates

ROI Study

Increase Revenue 

The Reformulyzer M4’s short analysis time allows to run upto 100% more samples per day and it enables labs to comply to the significant in-tank and in-ship blending time constraints related to key-point analysis.

Case study Assumptions:

  • 100% system utilization: ~36 samples per day
  • Revenue per sample is 200 USD
  • 2 QC samples per day

Reduced Operational Cost

The Reformulyzer M4’s advanced technology significantly reduces maintenance and system down-time. In combination with the improved sample capacity the total operational cost per sample is reduced with 50%.

Case study Assumptions:

  • 90% system utilization ~32 samples per day
  • Operational cost: spares, consumables, service visits, technician cost, cost on down-time



For more information and full technical specifications please download our product brochure, or visit the PAC website

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography
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