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Category: PAC AC Analytical Controls - Gas Chromatography Solutions
Manufacturer: AC Analytical Controls by PAC
Created by: Keith Gosden


Better Hardware, Smarter Solutions

  • Temperature Programmable Inlet. Recognized “Best in Market” inlet for Simulated Distillation. Easy to maintain, with Septum Purge for clean repeatable baselines
  • Light Solvent Optimized Automated Liquid Sampler(ALS): Improves injection precision by optimized cooling, optimizes airflows around sample trays in ALS (lowering temperature)
  • AC CNS SIMDIS: Dedicated analyzer for simultaneous determination of boiling range distribution of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur in crudes as such or in fi nal products
  • AC 8634™ Analyzer: For accelerated D86 correlation data of jet fuel and diesel
  • AC Crude Oil analyzer: For more accurate data. Combines D7169 High temp SIMDIS results with D7900 DHA FE results, avoiding D7169 CS2 related quenching
  • SIMDIS XLNC Software compatible with major Chromatography Data Systems (tested with Openlab, EZChrom, Chemstation, ChromPerfect, Chromeleon, Galaxie, Kompass, Atlas.

Easy Operation for Accurate Analysis

  • Fast, Work-flow, oriented intuitive interface (one-click access, drag-and-drop, smart filter)
  • Configurable import, processing, reporting and LIMS transfer of results
  • Automated Blank subtraction, calibration and system validation
  • Define Different Test Methods and Product Definitions
  • Start and End elution algorithm, Solvent Detection & Exclusion
  • Customizable QC and Calibration Defi nitions, graphical QC results (instant pass/fail view)
  • Drag & Drop DHA Crude Merge function
  • Audit Trail and tracking of linked data files

Dedicated Correlations and calculations 

  • Correlation to D86 (Physical Distillation) for Jet Fuel and Diesel
  • Correlation to D86 according STP-577
  • Correlation to D1160
  • NOACK according DIN 51581-2
  • Motor Oil Volatility (MOV) according ASTM D6417
  • Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) according ASTM 323
  • Light Crude Oil Volume conversion
  • Customizable Cut points (temperature and %OFF)
  • Flashpoint according ASTM D7215
  • Volume Average Boiling Point (VABP)
  • Bureau of Mines Correlation Index (BMCI)
  • Average Molar Mass
  • Specific reports for CNS (Sulfur and Nitrogen SIMDIS)

Extensive SIMDIS Report Pptions, Fully Configurable per Product or Test

  • Chromatogram and boiling point distribution plot
  • BP vs %OFF, Recovery for non-eluting samples
  • Retention Time or Boiling point x-axis, Temperature in °C/F
  • Overlays of (corrected) Sample, Blank, Calibration chromatogram, BP plot, Cut points, Carbon number
  • All Correlations and Specific Calculations
  • QC Reference check-report
  • DHA Crude Merge Report
  • Specific CNS reporting
  • Peak skew and column resolution parameters
  • Output of report to several formats, such as CSV/Excel, PDF file, or copy-to-clipboard for reviewing the results outside the SIMDIS software

For more information and full technical specifications please download our product brochure or visit the PAC website

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography
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