PAC AC Analytical Controls Full Range of DHA Solutions

PAC AC Analytical Controls Full Range of DHA Solutions

Category: PAC AC Analytical Controls - Gas Chromatography Solutions
Manufacturer: AC Analytical Controls by PAC
Created by: Keith Gosden


Easy Operation for Accurate Analysis

  • Fast, work-flow, oriented intuitive interface (one-click access, drag-and-drop, smart filter)
  • Configurable import, processing, reporting and LIMS transfer of results
  • Supports unlimited different test method and product definitions
  • Intelligent peak identification
  • Co-elution handling including ratio settings
  • Boiling point distribution available in all modes (⁰C/F)
  • Research Octane Number (RON)
  • Patented D86 calculation in all modes
  • Reference graph available for each product
  • Hydrocarbon group-type filtering
  • Carbon number versus group-type pivot table
  • Automated recalculation upon changes
  • Product confi gurable limits on peaks/groups/identifi cation

 Key Advantages

  • ASTM D7900: pioneered from the AC DHA FE (IP601/EN15199-4), for more accurate crude oil analysis
  • Provides boiling point distribution and individual compound analyses up to Nonane
  • AC 8612 Analyze: ASTM D86 calculation based on the Fugacity film model for group type 1 and 2
  • D5134/ D6729 / D6730 / D6733, full compliancy including performance calculations
  • AC FAST DHA: Detailed hydrocarbon analysis within 30 min
  • User-friendly DHA XLNX Software for Reliable and Repeatable Perfomance
  • Independent from Chromatography data systems
  • Supports: Openlab EZChrom, Openlab Chemstation, ChromPerfect, Chromeleon, Galaxie, Kompass, Atlas 

Unique DHA Combi Analysis of Both Light Petroleum Strams and Light End in Crude

The AC DHA Combi allows analysts to combine two DHA applications into one gas chromatograph (GC). Using the unique AC DHA Combi inlet, the instrument includes both the DHA Front End (FE) application for light end analysis in crude oil and one of the following standard ASTM test methods: D6729, D6730, D6733 or the AC Fast DHA application.

DHA FE complies with IP 601, EN15199-4 and ASTM D7900 to characterize the C1-nC9 fraction in crude oil. PAC pioneered and developed the innovative software to merge the DHA FE analysis data with High Temperature SIMDIS results for improving the crude oil analysis accuracy according to IP 545, EN 15199-3 and ASTM D7169.  

For more information and full technical specifications please download our product brochure or visit the PAC website

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical
Techniques Gas Chromatography
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