F-DGSi Modular Alliance Laboratory Gas Generators for GC

Category: F-DGSi - Laboratory Gas Generators
Manufacturer: FDGSi
Created by: Keith Gosden

Why " Modular Alliance"

  • Wide range of standard and high purity H2, N2 and Zero Air generators
  • Modular system offering a GC gas supply solution specific to your laboratory
  • Stackable design allowing you to save space in the laboratory
  • Combinations available for single and Multiple GC applications
  • Very low maintenance throughout the range without opening any covers
  • Touch screen display showing the status of the system with auto- diagnostics in case of alarms
  • PEM technology with double gas column dryer regeneration for Hydrogen
  • PSA fast purity for UHP Nitrogen
  • Unique USB port allowing remote control system for multiples modules

Standard or High Purity Gas Generators

Scientific Support Services will propose to you the right model following the "limit of detection" you are seeking to achieve in your GC results. At the lower extremes of detection, accurate results can only be obtained with the lowest possible baseline, creating such a baseline requires the use of ultra pure gases. This is why F-DGSi offer a standard analysis gas generator as well as a high purity analysis gas generator solution. 

Possible Combinations

  • Zero Air + Hydrogen
  • Zero Air + Nitrogen
  • Zero Air + Nitrogen + Hydrogen
  • All modules available separately

For more information and full technical specifications please download our product flyer or visit the F-DGSi website

Industries Pharma & Life Science, Chemical & Petrochemical, Security & Defence, Food & Beverage, Forensics, Environmental, Flavours & Fragrances , Plastics & Textiles, Paper & Paint
Techniques Gas Chromatography, Laboratory Gas Generators



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