Service Agreement Terms and Conditions


1. Terms and Conditions - (Here in after called the Agreement)

1.1. The cost of the agreement is payable in advance. The agreement does not become effective until all sums due are paid in full.

1.2. Only genuine faults or breakdowns are covered (i.e. failure during normal use or deterioration of non-consumable parts to a level detrimental to the general performance of the equipment).

1.3. Replacement parts shall be new or their equivalent.

1.4. The number of scheduled preventative maintenance (PM) or preventative maintenance visits with performance verification (PM/PV) visits is determined by the manufacturer's recommendations. Additional chargeable visits outside the agreement may be requested by the Customer.

1.5. All site visits will take place during Scientific Support Services (Here in after called SSS) normal working hours Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm. Excluding Public Holidays.

1.6. The agreement is effective for a period of 12 months from the date of commencement or renewal.

1.7. The renewal notice will be sent by SSS 90 days prior to the renewal date.

1.8. The Customer may cancel the agreement by giving a minimum of 60 days notice in writing to SSS prior to the renewal date. The right to issue notice of termination at any time in the event that the equipment is taken out of use, due to irreparable damage or obsolescence, in the event of this occurrence termination shall be deemed effective at the agreement anniversary date.

1.9. SSS may cancel the agreement by giving not less than 90 days notice in writing to the Customer.

2. Exclusions from the Agreement

2.1. Adjustments normally made by the operator, and the replacement of parts and consumables which are normally replaced by the operator. eg. Columns, Traps, Septa, Injector Liners, Detector Jets and Ignitor Glowplugs, unless associated with a service call or PM/PV visit.

2.2. Overhaul and reconditioning.

2.3. Damage occurred when equipment has been operated other than in accordance with the manufactures instruction manual.

2.4. Damage caused by negligence, carelessness, misuse, improper storage, fire or water.

2.5. Unauthorised attempt to effect a repair or relocate equipment to a new site location.

If any call out is required in respect of a breakdown, which is, excluded from the agreement then the labour, travel and parts will be charged at SSS current rates. The repair will only be effected upon receipt of a hardcopy purchase order.

3. Prices, Discounts and Payment

3.1. Prices and Discounts which are incorporated in all SSS quotations are valid for the period stated in our quotation.

3.2. Charges apply to Customers located on the UK mainland. Special quotations are available for sites outside of the UK mainland.

3.3. All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT charged at current rates.

3.4. Payment of an invoice for labour, travel, parts and consumables are strictly 30 days from the date of the invoice.

3.5. All agreements are payable in advance.

4. Warranty

4.1. SSS will undertake to replace, repair or remedy free of charge any support services, parts and consumables provided the Customer can establish that they are defective for reasons of defective workmanship or materials. All manufacturer's warranty shall be transferred from SSS to the customer.

5. Conditions

5.1. SSS reserve the right to inspect at the Customers cost any equipment for which the Customer has requested a Support Services Agreement.

5.2. SSS reserve the right to decline provision of support services for equipment which SSS considers is in any way hazardous.

5.3. In the event that any invoice payable by the Customer remains unpaid, SSS reserve the right to defer any work until any such invoice has been paid in full.

5.4. SSS shall not be responsible for any failure to perform its obligations by reason of any circumstances beyond its control, i.e. delays arising through non availability of parts, force majeure, etc.

5.5. SSS reserve the right to combine preventative maintenance visits with service calls.

6. Service Calls

6.1. SSS agrees to perform unlimited service calls inclusive of labour, parts and travel. If parts or consumables are required that are excluded from this agreement (as outlined in section 2) then supply and fitting of these items may be charged at current rates.

7. Preventative Maintenance with Performance Verification Visit

7.1. SSS agrees to perform X PM visits during the term of the agreement for preventative maintenance, testing, and calibration. Inclusive of labour, travel and parts. If parts or consumables are required that are excluded from this agreement (as outlined in section 2) then supply and fitting of these items may be charged at current rates.

8. Response Times

8.1. SSS will undertake to respond to service calls within X working days, Monday to Friday 09:00 am-17:00 pm excluding public holidays.

9. Telephone Hardware and Software Support

9.1 The agreement includes unlimited telephone technical support from SSS. If software updates are received by the customer these are normally installed by the customer.

10. Additional charges

10.1 In the event that the Customer requests additional visits, (Clause 1.4.) charges will apply for the following :-

- Labour per hour

- Travel Zone Charge per visit

- Accommodation per night

These will be confirmed before the visit takes place.

Invoices shall be supported by SSS visit report, duly authorized by the Customers representative. Such visits shall be invoiced on completion.

Acceptance to the Terms and Conditions by the customer is subject to issue of a Purchase Order.

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